Thursday, 19 January 2012

15 kids and counting... I'll stick to 4 thanks

So last night DH and I were watching 15 and Counting which we had taped the other night from channel 4. I guess for hubby it must have brought back some memories of his own own childhood as he is #8 of 9.

For those of you who don't know what the show is about, it is a documentary on some of the biggest families in the UK

Firstly I have to take my hats off to the families featured, because not only were they raising such large families, one couple were both working (the ones who were pregnant with number 15) and in the other family the husband worked and the wife (pregnant with twins numbers 10 & 11) homeschooled all the children. 

Personally I am happy with the 4 I have and would never be without them or change them. Most days I look at them and I still can't believe that they are mine!!! However I couldn't imagine having so many children, 4 is quite enough for me thank you very much, especially as the baby is quite a handful!!!

Yet I can totally get having so many children. I loved being pregnant and feeling and watching the baby move inside my tummy and once the baby was born that was the first thing I missed and I can see how it can be addictive, especially if you are lucky enough to have easy and smooth pregnancies. I also love newborns, the smell of them, the feel of them in your arms and when they snuggle and smile up at you so your heart just melts. Somedays I look at the baby and I think that she is not a baby anymore and wonder where my little baby went!

What makes me laugh is that everyone who knows me knew I would have 4 babies, and people still ask me if I'm done or whether I'll have any more and my answer is always a resounding HELL NO! But then, when the kids are older and grown up and don't need me any more, I know the temptation will be there to have another, just like I get a feeling of longing whenever I look at tiny little babies.

My parents happily remind me how as I child I used to tell everyone I was going to have 7 children, at least until as a teenager I looked after a family of 7 and decided there and then that 4 was a much better number LOL

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