Thursday, 26 January 2012

15 Kids and Counting - Sibling Rivalry

The other night hubby and I again watched 15 Kids and Counting and it featured two different families. 

One of them was the Lewis family.

The Lewis family are a family of 13, where 12 daughters outnumber one son. All the daughters, as well as the usual sibling rivalry, have the additional rivalry of competing against each other in beauty pageants. 

Now I'm blessed with 3 daughters, but I would never push them into entering beauty competitions, not because they won't win cos they would, but because I wouldn't want them to compete against each other. Siblings, especially ones in large families, have enough competition and rivalry just fighting for attention and to be heard amongst the family without the additional competitions of beauty pageants. 

However I don't really agree with them in the first place, children grow up too quickly as it is, without having the pressure to look older and more beautiful. Childhood should be a time for playing and getting dirty, not worrying about what you look like and whether you fit a certain mold. 

Yet usually its the mother who is pushing their daughters into these competitions in the first place, trying to live the life they want through their daughters instead of letting their daughters do what they want!

If my daughter came to me and said she wanted to enter one, I would support her throughout it, but I wouldn't push her into one. 

Children grow up much too quickly and they should be allowed to be children for as long as possible

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