Monday, 16 January 2012

Hello and welcome to "Really Rachel"

Well here we go, my first ever blog!!!

My friend Karen aka Missing Sleep has recently been raving about the blog she started and has been nagging, encouraging, pushing, moaning and enticing me to start my own. "You've got 4 kids!" She'd tell me "You're a font of knowledge and should start your own blog... It's your duty to impart your knowledge on those of us not brave enough to have 4" before trying to flatter me with phrases like "Wonder mum!" 

So I decided to give it a go... even if it is just to shut her up and Karen I'm warning you again, I hold you personally responsible for whatever happens!!! ;)

But then came the challenge of what to name my blog. Karen already had Missing Sleep (something I've been missing for about 9yrs now and I hope I find it again soon!) so what to name mine. My mind went blank (well they do say having babies kills brain cells and I've had 4 so I'm surprised I even know how to write my name nowadays!) so I decided to have a little competition on my personal facebook page and I promised to dedicate the first blog to the winner.

So as you can see "Really Rachel" was the winner with "Rachel Rave's" a very close 2nd and "Pain in the R's " close behind. Everyone immediately took up the link with the R name because R is very special in my family... not only does my name begin with R, so does my husband's name and all 4 of our children as well.

Therefore a big CONGRATULATIONS and a shout out goes to Laura Mcintyre of the blog Synchronization of Us for coming up with Really Rachel... but a special mention also has to go to Katie Price who said "I like "Really Rachel" because you can be "you" - not just Rachel the mum, Rachel the "wife"... etc..." which summed it up perfectly.

So thank you ladies for the name of my new blog and I hope you all enjoy reading about me, the 4 little and the 1 big Pains in the Rs


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