Friday, 20 January 2012

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Today is a miserable and wet depressing day :( Summer seems far away and last summer seems like a lifetime ago and I seem to be feeling the winter blues

So instead of feeling blue as I sit here looking out of the window with a cuppa, I decide to remember a fun day from last year when the weather was warm. 

And that's when I spot it... the giant puddle that my older 3 had so much fun splashing in last year and although they were only supposed to splash in it with their boots on, my children being my children.... well you'll see for yourself!!!

Move over Peppa Pig... this is what you call Jumping in Puddles


Who needs a bath or a pool? This is much more fun!

Now where did I put my rubber ducks???

They had sooo much fun that day and I loved watching them. It just goes to show that kids don't need expensive toys or lots of money to have fun, sometimes a puddle works best!!!

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