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I've always been pretty lucky and managed to get pregnant easily, all it's taken is a knowing look from hubby and I've suddenly found myself expecting again. It's also probably the reason I have 4!!!

I remember finding out I was pregnant with #1. I was soooo excited as all I'd ever wanted to be was a mum. I was 25 and engaged to hubby and we'd been together over a year and engaged most of that time.

The first person I told was my SIL. We had planned on taking my nephew and her son to the beach and one look at my face and she knew!!! But how to tell hubby he was about to become a dad? I wanted to do it a special way, one that he wouldn't ever forget, so I went to a local card shop and bought a Congratulations card and inside I wrote Congratulations daddy. I can't wait to meet you in 9mths time!" I put my positive test inside the card and asked the woman behind the counter to write his name on the card as I knew he would recognise my hand writing. 

My parents were upset, they always believed that a child should be born in wedlock, but they soon got over it and were excited about their new grandchild. 

Just after I found out I was pregnant I had to go for an ultrasound which had been organised before I found out I was pregnant. I decided it was best to tell them I was pregnant and they were pleased but she did make a comment that she was glad I told her and already knew because she never knew how to tell people she'd found a baby in case they didn't know and didn't want it.

The pregnancy passed with no trouble and I didn't suffer from any morning sickness or anything else and finally, 4 days after my due date I went into labour (after 3 days of being induced) and my beautiful son was born naturally with a little help from forceps. 

By the time DS was one I found myself pregnant again, but tragedy struck at 13wks when I miscarried and needed to be air lifted to hospital as I was haemorrhaging.  Disappointed all I could think about was getting pregnant again and I asked the doctor how long did I have to wait following my D&C before I tried for another baby. I was told to have at least one menstrual cycle and after a small period 2 weeks later I tried again and whilst camping at the Lake District a month later I found out I was pregnant. I remember my mum making a comment when we came home from our camping trip about how she hoped I had conceived whilst away and I was thrilled to tell her I had and when I was 3mths pregnant we finally tied the knot!

I had another smooth pregnancy and a week after my due date and 2 weeks after DS' 2nd birthday, my beautiful daughter was born by an emergency c-section as she was wedged in my pelvis. I also worked out that because of the miscarriage I had been pregnant for 55wks with just a 2wk gap in between!!!

Around DD1's 1st birthday I again found out I was pregnant and apart from a short spell in hospital with high blood pressure (caused by stress) I had an easy pregnancy and when DD1 was 20mths old, DD2 was born 6 days early by VBAC (Virginal Birth After Caesarean). 

After having 3 I decided I didn't want anymore and it was really strange on DD2's 1st birthday not to be pregnant! Shortly after her 2nd birthday I found myself wanting one more and before I knew it I was pregnant again. 

This time the pregnancy wasn't easy at all. I had some spotting around the time I found out I was pregnant and ended up in hospital for 3 days because the size of the baby didn't match my dates (I had an early scan because of the spotting and was measuring at 4wks and not the 6wks I should have been). I also developed Gestational Diabetes, even though I had always passed the glucose intolerance test and I ended up having to inject myself with insulin 3 times a day. I was finally induced at 38wks and the baby (DD3) arrived 13 days early again by VBAC. the gestational diabetes did disappear but last year I discovered it had returned. 

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