Monday, 23 January 2012

The Reluctant Patient

So today I had to take my lovely husband to hospital to have grommits (tubes) in his ears.

A simple procedure you might think... nothing to worry about

Well hubby obviously didn't get that memo

After packing the older 3 off to my parents house for a sleepover, much to their delight, the truth of what was going to happen began to hit home to hubby. If I had been given a £1 for everytime I heard "I'm not going" I would be rich!!! He seemed to say it about every 10 minutes!!!

Even my DS (8) tried comforting him as he himself had had the same operation 2 years ago. 
"It's ok daddy it doesn't hurt and then you get to hear everything again!"

Fast forward to this morning and for some reason the alarm didn't go off (now I wonder how that happened!!!) but luckily the baby woke us up at 6.15am. 

Now the fun began. "I'm not going, I'm going to work!" he stated adamantly, he tried making himself a drink knowing full well he was Nil By Mouth and he came up with delaying excuses and tactics that the children would have been proud of.

At first I used the softly softly approach "I know you're scared, but it'll be ok" but it didn't work so then I tried the drill sergeant major approach "You WILL go, go and get in that car!" which DID work

Finally we made it to the hospital an hour late and as he was still agitated they gave him something to calm him down.

Finally he had his operation (one that he should have had 12 years ago!) and he is so amazed at how much he can hear now, even though it has given him a headache. Earlier he said that he knows he keeps going on about every little sound he can hear, but it's just so strange after being hard of hearing (or suffering from selective hearing) for so long. 

And I get to do this all over again next week with DD2 (5) as she's having the same operation.

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