Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Speech Therapy

Back before I was a mum, and even as a new mum, I'm ashamed to say that I believed that children who had difficulty with their speech either had serious learning difficulties or it was because their parents didn't talk to them enough and if they had more than one child with speech difficulties then that just proved it! 

So when DS began talking at 6mths and was saying whole sentences at 18mths I sat back in my superiority, I was obviously doing something right as my child didn't have any issues, we obviously talked to him enough.

When DS was 2 years old we were blessed by the arrival of a daughter and like DS she hit all her milestones early and we sat proudly in the knowledge that we had two perfect children.

However as she got older I noticed DD1 wasn't talking and when she did talk her speech wasn't very clear and finally when she was 3 she began going to speech therapy and has since been diagnosed with a SLI (Speech and Language Impairment). It's been a long struggle but DD1 has made a lot of progress in the past 3 years and is now speaking a lot clearer and has made a big improvement, especially in the last 12mths. 

I wish I could say things have been easy for DD1 but they haven't. She's been bullied in school and called names like stupid, idiot and baby and has come home in tears, she's even had trouble with teachers not understanding her when she tried to tell them she didn't feel very well so I went in and told her teacher that if she ever had trouble understanding DD1 then she was to get her brother who could understand her (often better than we could LOL).

DD2 also has speech difficulties and for many months we were concerned that she had selective mutism as she would chat away at home but wouldn't say a word at playschool or school or even at the house of my BFF who DD2 has known all her life and herself is BFF with her daughter. Finally in her last term of nursery class at school she began to talk (much to the shock of her classmates who had never heard her say anything) and since then she has grown in confidence and has begun to talk more outside the house. We've recently discovered as well that she suffers from glue ear and is having grommits (tubes) in her ears at the end of the month. She also attends speech therapy as her speech isn't that clear but the hope is that once her hearing returns her speech will clear up as she is saying what she is hearing. 

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