Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Vtech Innotab Review

For her 5th birthday DD2 was lucky enough to get a very rare pink Innotab from Vtech and she LOVES it!!! It is her favourite toy and she takes it wherever she goes!

Now what is an Innotab I hear you ask, well it's a tablet similar to an iPad for young children aged 4-9 years and has lots of different learning activities, educational games and creative actives all operated by a touch screen or stylus (which can be purchased separately if you need another one). You also have the ability to download more learning activities via the learning lodge or buy cartridges like Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse, Dora, Scooby Doo, Cars etc which are available separately. 

The Innotab has the ability to be used as a video player, photo player and MP3 player and although it doesn't have a built in camera unlike the Leapfrog Leappad, it is compatible with the Kidizoom range of cameras. The video player can also be used to watch movies or TV episodes that you can download onto the SD card (purchased separately but well worth it) making it an ideal DVD player for long journeys. You do have to convert video files to work on the Innotab but there are some fantastic video's on YouTube by Travisgrindal which help explain how do all this in an easy to understand way. Using his video's my daughter has Tangled on her Innotab as well as some Superted episodes she's been enjoying from YouTube.

The Innotab also features a built in ebook reader which my daughter really enjoys with flip pages like a real book and the choice of having the story read aloud to you or just the words you don't understand or can't read spoken with a description of what the word means. 

My daughter LOVES hers and is always playing on it, her older brother and sister often have a go as well and even the baby likes drawing pictures on the picture app and when I had friends round for our regular afternoon playdate with the younger ones, it was a big hit with them all and they all asked their mums for one for their birthdays and as the parents were also impressed with the Innotab, they are all proud owners of one now!

My only complaint about the Innotab is that it will drain the batteries very quickly but you can buy an adapter to use and also an in-car adapter. However at the moment we have 8 rechargable batteries so 4 are on charge and 4 are in the Innotab so she is never without the power it needs. You can also get a lovely pink cover to protect the Innotab which I do want to get for her.

I must also give a special mention to the staff at Vtech and on their facebook page  who I found to be very helpful. I phoned them up 2 days before her birthday (which was 3 weeks before Christmas) as it  was impossible to get a pink Innotab anywhere as most Argos stores were sold out (the pink Innotab is exclusive to Argos) and people were actually selling reservation numbers on eBay. I explained my predicament to Vtech and how I really wanted one for her birthday and the lady had one sent directly from their warehouse to my house for the same price it would have cost me from Argos arriving the following day.

When I decided to buy her a child's tablet it was between the Innotab and the Leappad and I finally decided on the Innotab because I like Vtech products as we've had several through the years and they've always been well built and enjoyable for the children and after the wonderful service I received from customer services I would definitely use them again. Although it's a shame that the Innotab doesn't have a built-in camera like the Leappad they have the kidizoom camera's already and the extra activities you can download for the Innotab are cheaper than those from Leappad.

All in all I'm very happy with the Innotab and especially the service I received from Vtech. 

I would give the Innotab 9/10 (had it a built-in camera it would have scored 10/10) and I would give Vtech 10/10 for customer services. 


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