Thursday, 26 January 2012

You're STILL Breastfeeding???

Why is it, when you tell people you're still breastfeeding after the baby's 1st birthday or worse yet after their 2nd, people are so shocked and assume because they're still breastfeeding, they will be when they start school!!!

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things, but isn't for everyone. Everyone knows that Breast is Best, but sometimes for whatever reason you either can't or don't breastfeed. I was unsuccessful in breastfeeding my oldest two, but DD2 breastfed until she was 2yrs 8mths when I was pregnant with the baby and the baby is still breastfeeding at 2yrs 1mth.

Yet everyone is shocked that I'm still doing it and I get constant advice that I should wean her, that she doesn't need it anymore and I'm only doing it because I get the comfort of breastfeeding her (whoever said that has obviously never tried breastfeeding a toddler!). Yet if you tried telling my 2yr old "No booby" she would tantrum for it.

Why should I force her to wean before she is ready, she obviously still needs it or wouldn't want it. I see in shops now that they're making formula for toddlers, but why is that seen as acceptable but breastfeeding is not.

People also assume that she no longer gets any benefit from my breastmilk, yet although there has been little research done on children who breastfeed past the age of 2, there is available information which shows that breastfeeding is still a valuble source of nutritian and immunity for as long as the breastfeeding continues. 

Breastfed children, even those who are still breastfed beyond the ages of 1 and 2, are in general more healthy and get sick less. 

But it's not just the babies that benefit from extended breastfeeding, it can also lower the risk of certain cancers (breast, ovarian etc) as well as other health benefits.

So I am PROUD to say "Yes I am still breastfeeding and I will until she decides to self wean!" 

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