Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Breastfeeding Blog Hop - Top 5 Breastfeeding Foods

So I've just found out about The Breastfeeding Blog Hop, which is hosted by The Slacker Mom, Happiness Redifined and The Gnome's Mom.

This week's topic is snacks - as everyone knows that once the baby makes an appearance and starts nursing, it takes extra calories to keep you going. So what are your top 5 breastfeeding snacks?

Yet I never found myself craving anything special. I guess that as I have a sweet tooth and a chocolate addiction, they must have fuelled my extra calorie requirement. I guess it's also the reason i developed Gestation Diabetes with my 4th pregnancy only and the reason it returned as type 2 diabetes a year later. 

But then I never had any cravings whilst pregnant either, except with my 3rd pregnancy where I would drink several pints of milk a day. I always felt like I missed out on something special, a secret part of pregnancy which completly passed me by! Yet I never suffered from morning sickness either and I've always wondered if there is a connection betweek the lack of nausea and the lack of cravings and if so I would prefer to be nausea free thank you very much, although it would have been nice to make hubby feel nausea's whilst watching me eat some strange concoction LOL

Come back next week to see another post for the Breastfeeding Blog Hop and if you have or are breastfeeding why don't you join in yourself.

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