Monday, 6 February 2012

Breastfeeding in Public

One of the things I love about Facebook, apart from the ability to reconnect with family and friends, are the funny and inspirational pictures that you see and you think "Oh Yes! That is sooo true!!!"

Today a friend posted this one and I immediatly had to share. It's brilliant and I want the hat and cover!!! Can you imagine if ALL breastfeeding mothers could do this and state with pride... Yes I AM Breastfeeding!!!

One of the biggest challenges facing breastfeeding mothers is feeding whilst out and about. With bottlefed babies you have the ability to feed your baby wherever you want, yet breastfeeding babies are often hidden away in dirty, disgusting, smelly toilets! If you were told to eat your food in a bathroom would you want to? No! You'd refuse, so why are breastfed babies forced to.

Then if you're brave enough to feed anywhere else, you sit there wondering if someone is going to make a comment about how disgusting it is and how you should be ashamed of it! How many of us would LOVE to be able to answer that one protester with the blanket and hat in the picture above!!!

How can breastfeeding be disgusting and rude? Breasts were designed by God for feeding our babies the best milk they could ever have! Cow's milk was designed for baby cows, not human babies!!! Surely with that reasoning then bottlefeeding is unnatural yet it is seen as acceptable. 

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing whatsoever against those mothers who, for whatever reason, choose to bottlefeed. My eldest two were both bottlefed and it hasn't done them any harm.

My complaint is when breastfeeding mothers and their babies are made to feel ashamed and embarrised, especially when there is NOTHING to be seen as the nipple is in the baby's mouth, you see more breast in the newspapers everyday yet again that is seen as acceptable.

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