Friday, 10 February 2012

Circa, where a little bit of inspiration goes a long way!

What do you do, if you can't find a good enough toy to help your child learn all about days of the week, months and seasons?

Well if you're Melinda, the mummy inventor of the Circular Toy Calendar, you create your own!!!!

Now what is the Circular Toy Calendar, or Circa? It's an innovative and educational toy calendar to help teach children all about the days of the week, months and about Seasons. Using the toys rotating and circular design, it's easy to help show them what the day and month of the year is and what season we are in. It encourages parent and child co-operation allowing the child to learn at his or her own pace and becomes a beautiful calendar which they will enjoy adjusting every day and counting down days to birthdays and Christmas.

The Circa was designed and built by a mum, just like you and I, and is already winning awards and gaining in popularity!

Testers, Awards and Reviews have described it as;
“This is a beautifully crafted fully interactive calendar helping to teach children the days of the week, months of the year and days of the month. There are fun nursery rhymes on the reverse side of the disc to help children to remember the days of the week and months of the year. Time concept and sequencing is an essential part of language development.” 

The awards the Circa has won so far are;

  • Top Drawer Awards 2011: Best New Children's Product
  • Rainbow Toy Awards 2011: Highly Commended - Wooden Toy Category
  • British Female Inventors and Innovators Network (BFIN) Winner - Inventors Award 2011
  • Highly Commended Award for the "Toys that help communication" at the Talking Tots Toy Awards 2011
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