Sunday, 19 February 2012

Driving Me Crazy!!!

Can you pass the UK Theory Driving Test?
16yrs ago I was lucky enough to pass my driving test a month before they released the Theory test. It was my 2nd attempt and thankfully as I passed I didn't have to take the test. If I had failed however, the chances of me being able to resit my test before the deadline, due to a waiting list, was slim and I would have had to sit the theory first! 

My "theory" on the actual test was being shown a few signs and having to explain what the signs meant!

One of my best friends passed her theory test on Friday, on her first attempt, and it made me wonder... If I had to sit a theory test, with 16yrs of driving behind me which includes driving in Lisbon (the capital of Portugal and on the wrong side of the road) as well as numerous motorways, would I actually pass the test???

I didn't revise and took the test... and I PASSED!!! I scored 44 out of 50 (the pass limit is 43 out 50). Some of the questions I got wrong was because the laws on speed limits whilst towing a trailer had changed (and I had that question twice LOL)

Why don't you have a go at the Car Theory Test and see how well you do. Don't forget to come back and post your scores 


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