Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Family Series - School Photos

With 2 children my mum didn't get many of our class photos, and as a mum of 4 I can appreciate why as it can get quite expensive. We did buy their first year class photos and my mum bought mine as well.

Ightenhill Primary School, Nursery class. 1980

I'm the one in the front middle in the red, back when I was in nursery and lived in Lancashire. It was taken in November 1980 and I was 3. I only attended Ightenhill for one year in nursery before moving to a different school closer to our house which didn't have a nursery class. 3 years later we moved to Wales when I was 6. I couldn't name any of the other children in the picture, although I would LOVE to know who they were and whether anyone actually remembers me. 

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