Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Family Stories - Teenage Crushes

In honour of Valentine's Day yesterday here is part 5 of Family Stories.

I still remember the first "proper" Valentine's card I gave and received. I won't embarrass the boy in question but I was in my first year at secondary school and he dumped me shortly afterwards for my friend after dumping another friend for me!!! Oh the trials of being an 11yr old in love LOL

The first famous person I had posters of around my room, I doubt many people will remember. In 1985 a TV series named Street Hawk was launched (Knight Rider but with a motorbike). Sadly it only ran for one series and 13 episodes but as an 8yr old I thought Rex Smith who played Jessie Mach was HOT
Rex Smith as Jessie Mach in Street Hawk 1985
Next was Billy Warlock who played Eddie Kramer in the first season of Baywatch which launched in 1989. I remember being thrilled his birthday was the day before mine and that year, aged 12, I sent him a birthday card!!! I wonder if I ever got it LOL

Billy Warlock as Eddie Kramer in Baywatch 1989

After that it was Dean Cain who played Clark Kent/Superman in Lois and Clark, the New Advenures of Superman which ran from 1993-1997

Dean Cain as Superman/Clark Kent 
Finally after watching the movie Double Impact, I fell for Jean-Claude Van Damme and he shared the wall with Dean Cain. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Impact

One thing I notice from listing these childhood crushes... I seem to like the short guys!!!! Quite appropriate really since my hubby is a full head shorter than I am LOL

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