Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Family Stories

One of the wonderful things about a blog, is the ability to pass the stories and memories down to our children and grandchildren and the story behind the picture. 
Me with my granddad aged 8. 
One of the biggest regrets I have is that I didn't have the chance to sit down with my grandparents and discuss their childhoods and early married life. I know that my granddad drove a tank in WWII and my nan was a Wren, but that's all I know! Shortly after my great uncle (my granddad's brother) past away his partner sent us a newspaper cutting about my great uncle's part of the war, and how he was afloat in a boat for 88 days with a gunshot wound to his head after his ship was sank by the Japanese and then finally finding land he spent the rest of the war as a POW. As a child I just wondered why he walked like he was still on a boat, I didn't know he'd been tortured!

I also started researching my family tree and found it fascinating, but again I wished my grandparents were still alive as I have so many questions, especially for my granddad who found out when he was in his 70s he was actually born in Canada! 

So my children can learn a little about me and my children when I was growing up I was thrilled to find out about the bloghop at Life's a Journey

Eventually I'll be able to put all my posts in order, but since a lot of my childhood photos are at my parents it won't be until I get there to go through them.

Week 1 is My Earliest Photo (Coming soon)
Week 2 School Photo
Week 3 Earliest Writing (Coming soon)
Week 4 Bestest Friends (Coming soon)
Week 5 Teenage Crushes 
Week 6 First Movie Memories (Coming soon)

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