Friday, 24 February 2012

Hands Free Reins Review

As a busy mum of 4, it can be hard to walk down the street with all the children as you only have two pairs of hands and too many to hold. 

When you first have a baby it's easy as they're content to sit in the pushchair and watch the world go by... but as they become a toddler then their independence starts to show and they no longer what to be confined to a pushchair but off and walking... or rather running!!!

Baby reins or leashes as they're called in America are a personal choice. Some parents refuse to use them and think they're nasty horrible things, but is it fair to force a child to hold your hand when they can barely reach it and make them walk a long distance with their hand high up in the air?

Yet usually baby reins aren't much better. The harness goes around the chest, like the harness on a pushchair, and then the parents have a short loop to hold. These look more like reins that horses use, and I wonder if that's where they gained the name baby reins instead or leash as you are guiding your child where they are going. 

But whilst the usual reins are good, and can be very helpful as they help teach the child about the world and let them use their independence whilst keeping them safe from traffic and harm, they also mean that you have your hands tied up holding the child. I also found that my children didn't like those reins as they had little room to move and they would pull their legs up and be left dangling from the reins. Another problem would be if you had older children or shopping to carry it could be very difficult because your hands were tied up with the reins leaving you no free hands to do anything.

But now there is a new product on the market and it is FANTASTIC!!!

Meet the Kool Kangaroos Boomerein  - The UK's only hands free child reins.

These are so easy and simple to use and I'm amazed that no one has come up with the idea before!!!

Each of you wear a belt around the waist and there's a retractable rein which clips easily between you but connects or disconnects whether you need it or not, so you can leave the child with the belt on and just connect it when you need it! It even works if you have more than one children as you can attach more than one retractable clip to the parents belt!

My 2yr old is very independent, which as the youngest of 4 isn't surprising! She loves to copy her older brother and sisters and I usually have to pin her in place whilst I try and strap her into the buggy! 

Yet with the Boomerein, she was able to follow her siblings freely, whilst thanks to the  Boomerein she couldn't stray too far and she stayed safe. She was also a lot happier walking with the  Boomerein compared to traditional baby reins or being forced to  hold my hand, especially as I'm tall.

For the past few days whilst walking to school, my older daughters have been able to hold my hands for the first time in over 2yrs and my eldest daughter told me she loved being able to hold my hand at long last!!!

Wherever I went wearing the  Boomerein, it gathered a lot of interest with quite a few mothers saying they thought it was a brilliant idea and asking where they could get one!!! 

The Boomerein costs £15.95 and is only available from the  Boomerein Website, but I would recommend it 100% and if I didn't have one already I would certainly buy one!!!

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