Friday, 3 February 2012

The Happy Patient

Yesterday I had to take my beautiful baby DD2 (5) to hospital so she could have grommets (tubes) in her ears and her adenoids out. Unlike hubby (see The Reluctant Patient) she was excited to go and couldn't wait. In fact when her previous operation was cancelled in December because she had a cold, she had been really upset and kept asking when she was going to hospital because "I still can't hear!"  

We set off early to hospital; DD2, my mum and I, and despite the cold and the frost we made it there in plenty of time, leaving hubby home with the baby who had rotovirus and the other 2 at school. DD2 was so excited to be there that she did everything they asked with a smile on her face causing lots of comment about how good she was. After the staff had been round to check DD2 was fit and healthy she sat playing happily, waiting until it was her turn to go to theatre. 

All ready for theatre
Me and Nanny

Watching TV

Finally the time came to take her up and she sat happily on the trolley, a big smile on her face, as she enjoyed the ride and all we heard as we passed people was "Awwww!" as they saw her smiling as she went passed.

Leaving her I was in tears, even though it was a routine operation and not life threatening, it is never nice watching your child be put to sleep and all you can think about is what can go wrong. I was told the operation would talk half an hour, but by the time 45 minutes had passed I was starting to get agitated and worried about her until finally, a little over an hour later, I got the call that DD2 was awake and I could go see her. I practically ran all the way to theatre, ignoring my bad back, I was so keen to see her again!

When I got there, she was awake and had a small tear running down her cheek as she waited for me to arrive and I just wanted to take her into my arms and never let go!

When we got back on the ward, I climbed into bed with her and just snuggled her until she came around properly. 

Just back from theatre

Me and mummy, starting to come round
After she came round for the anaesthetic, DD2 had a little treat as the Children's ward had a Magician visiting and she became his glamorous assistant. 

The magician's assistant

Me and my balloon animals, a dog and a snake
DD2 enjoyed her time in the hospital and when it was time to go home she didn't want to leave 
"But I haven't slept in hospital yet!"

But the best news of all is... She can finally hear!!!

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