Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Missing Child

Over half term DS, who is 9 next month, has been going to a fun club at the local leisure centre. He goes 10am-12pm and then 1pm-3pm and because we only live a short distance away and because he needs to start learning independance and freedom, we started letting him walk there and back on his own under the rule he comes straight home

Today, 12.10pm arrived and there was still no sign of DS and I began to get worried. I phoned the leisure centre and found out he left at 12 and I began to get worried. Luckily my dad was here so I was left the girls with him and went out looking for him. Typically because my phone was on charge I didn't have it on me and I couldn't put a mayday out on facebook! 

There was no sign of him and I began to get worried. All sorts of horrible thoughts come into your mind and I was close to tears. Where was my missing son???

Walking past a man with a dog who was pushing a child's scooter I started at the scooter knowing my son had taken his with him. Was it his??? No, it wasn't.

I saw some boys jumping off the promenade wall onto the beach so I rushed over, was one of them my son??? But no... I didn't recognise any of them and he wasn't with them.

I'd been inside one amusement arcade and was about to walk past another when I saw a child's scooter at the door. It wasn't my son's scooter but perhaps he had gone in there with a friend.

I had a quick look around but couldn't see him and was just about to leave when I spotted his scooter leaning against one of the machines. I grabbed it and my heart began to race... Why was his scooter here? Had something happened to him? Had someone grabbed him?

Then... I looked around a different machine and saw him!!! He was quickly feeding one of the machine's with 2p coins and had his back to me. My heart rejoiced! I had found my son and he was safe!!! 

Of course, now came the hard part... the discipline as he needs to know that he can't wander off when he feels like it and he has to come straight home. So now he is grounded from funclub for the rest of the week and has to work hard to earn his school trip next week.

As for me, I think I deserve a glass of wine to get over the shock!!! Once hubby gets home from work that is!

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