Monday, 20 February 2012

Nightmare Journey

So on Friday we decided to go out for the day on the train and do some clothes shopping for the kids. One of the joys of living in a rural area is that we have a long journey to go anywhere to buy anything. 

DD1 refused point blank to come with us, last time we went anywhere hubby was late for the train (it came in early) and she was going hysterical thinking he was going to miss the train, and then when we had to wait 15mins at another station he jumped out for a cigarette and again she was hysterical in case he missed the train. He didn't miss it either times, but she was so upset she refuses to go on the train at all!

So I arranged for her to stay overnight at Nannies and the rest of us got up early to catch the 6am train. We got on the train with about 10 minutes before it left and hubby decided he HAD to go buy some cigarettes, even though he couldn't smoke on the train. Suddenly, before hubby had returned, the doors shut. I quickly jumped up and banged on the drivers door and said hubby wasn't there yet and quickly looked out the door... the barriers were down and no sign of hubby so we quickly got off the train. Of course by the time we got off the train hubby was by the barriers but on the wrong side! So the train left without us and my heart sank as I realised I'd left the pushchair on the train!

We waited for an hour for the next train. Usually they're every 2hrs but they had one an hour later which was a school train but didn't go all the way to where we wanted to go and meant we had an hours wait where we changed trains. Luckily the guard of the next train was able to phone the guard of the first train and arranged for our pushchair to meet us at the changeover station!

I posted on facebook that we'd had to get off the train and a lot of my friends said they wouldn't have gotten off the train but then how was that fair on me? Regardless of the fact hubby had the money and the railcard, it also meant I would have to deal with 3 children on the entire journey whereas he would follow behind all nice and relaxed with no children!!!

When we got to the other station where we had another hour wait we had a bacon butty and then let the kids run around the waiting room having a singing and dancing session.

Finally we made it on the train and we were off, but the train was quickly filling up. We found a seat and then hubby came back and said there was a table further down so we moved to it... unfortunately somewhere along the way DS left his coat behind!!! 

Finally 6hrs after we tried to catch the first train, we made it where we wanted to go, 2hrs late!!!

On the way home, for the first half an hour hubby had to stand and I had both girls on my knees because the train was so busy, but slowly it emptied out and we had more room. DD2 was quite happy and just watched Superted on her Innotab, whilst DS played on his DSi. The baby wasn't quite as happy as she wanted to run around and couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed!!!

Finally we arrived home at 8pm, after leaving the house at 6am. Tired and skint and remembering why we said we'd never go by train again LOL

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