Friday, 10 February 2012

Win a iPhone 4s and Designer Handbag with Sudocrem!

For years now, whenever one of my 4 children have suffered from a nappy rash, which can be quite often especially in the cold or when they're ill, I've always reached for the tub of Sudocrem and covered them in it whilst changing the nappy. Sudocrem works quickly by creating a barrier between their skin and their nappy and allowing the extra moisture of the Sudocrem to soak into their skin to help it heal and it even contains a weak anesthetic to help ease the pain caused by the nappy rash. It works so well that whenever the baby feels sore in her nappy area she will ask for the Sudocrem knowing it will help ease the pain.

Of course I have to make sure it's kept out of their reach as the older ones have used it for painting walls and floors and themselves before now!!!!

Yet Sudocrem isn't just for nappy rash, it can be used on cuts and grazes sunburn, minor burns, acne and bedsores and I've even used it on an annoying rash on myself once!

But now I see that Sudocrem are bringing out a Skin Care Cream for adults, and I'm quite excited about it, having my own Sudocrem means I don't have to borrow the childrens!

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is advertised as a versatile cream which is gentle and soothing and can be used as often as you need it. Ideal for problem-skin including spot prone or problem patches on elbows and knees and can even be applied to your skin after being out in the sun. Which suits me as I suffer from both complaints and I'll have to look out for some to try. It's also gaining a celebrity following and being a small 30g tube it will fit snugly in your handbag for when you need it, your car glove box for when you're out and about and even your designer clutch bag for when you're out on the town!!!

To celebrate Sudocrem releasing the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream they are holding a competition on their Facebook page to win a Diane Von Furstenburg Designer Handbag and an iPhone 4s!!!!

To enter all you have to do is like their Facebook page and answer 3 simple questions about Sudocrem Skin Care Cream, so what are you waiting for... Head over there now to be in with a chance to win!!!

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