Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What a difference a year can make!!!

A week ago I took DD2 (5) to hospital to have grommets (tubes) in her ears and her adenoids out (see The Happy Patient) and I'm thrilled to say that operation was a success! DD2 can now hear and a couple of times she has put her hands over her ears saying "Too loud!" when normally she wouldn't be able to hear at all!!!

But whilst the operation went smoothly and she didn't seem to suffer from the operation at all, things haven't been that good since :(

The following day, DD2 came down with a really bad cold and catching it so soon after her operation has really taken it out of her. She hasn't been herself at all and she's been off school all week feeling very sorry for herself.

But it's not all doom and gloom, she's finally getting over the worse and wanting to go back to school and to rainbow's tomorrow.

Yet I noticed something else watching her recently... How much confidence she has gained and how outgoing she has become.

This time last year I was worried about her. At 4 years old she refused to talk to anyone outside the house, she had refused to speak at playschool and having started nursery she also refused to speak.

We tried not to make a big deal out of her not speaking and tried not to force her to talk, but you could see the looks people would give her when she refused to answer, thinking she was a rude and ungrateful child and not realising how painfully shy she was.

DD1 hadn't spoken at playschool either, but had started talking in nursery the first week there and I hoped DD2 would do the same, but over a term in she had yet to utter a single word.

I began to worry that she had selective mutism and tried to research as much as I could. What to do for the best? How to help her? Should I force her to speak, or give her the chance to respond but not force it? 

Then one day she came out of school with a BIG sticker on her jumper.
"Mummy I talked at school and my teacher gave me a sticker!" she told me proudly. I was thrilled, ecstatic and so so proud of her and I told her so giving her such a big hug and kiss. 

Her teacher came over to me and she had a big grin on her face as well and asked me if DD2 had told me why she had a sticker. Her teacher also told me that one of her classmates was sooo shocked he had said "She talks!!!"

Since that day, DD2 has come on in leaps and bounds and will happily chat to her friends in the playground whilst waiting for her older siblings to come out of school, and will chat happily to other people when we're out. 

A year ago I began to fear that we had a long road ahead as we tried to encourage her to talk and build her confidence and I never would have imagined how much progress she would make in such a short amount of time!

Now we just need to work on her speech which is still poor, but now she can hear properly then I hope that will improve quickly as well.

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