Wednesday, 21 March 2012

5 Reason's I know I'm a Supermarket Cashier

So the lovely Kate at Kate Takes 5 has started a wonderful topic.

5 Reason's I know I'm a...

Basically it's yours to do what you wish with, you can choose what you like... slob, dentist, teacher, parent, childminder, foster mother... the possibilities are endless!

For my 5 reason's I'm going to go with 

5 Reason's I know I'm a Supermarket Cashier!

1. You never expect to find a £5 note in your till (they're like gold dust) and if you get a customer that annoys you for whatever reason and need over £5 in change you give it to them in coins just to show them who's boss and if you only have one £5 note you guard it and are reluctant to give it away!

2. You hate asking people so many questions!!! You feel like the Spanish Inquisition just firing off question after question (and to make it worse, I know how to ask those questions in Welsh!!!)

3. You end up writing a shopping list of things you want to buy during your break or when you finish based on the special offers you see going through your till

4. Even when people give you their loyalty card at the beginning, you still ask for it at the end... but stop mid-sentence as you realise they've already given it you, leaving the customer with a bewildered look on their face. 

5. If there are lots of the same items on the belt, you alternate the items you scan just so you don't have to wait for the delay on the scanner or because you're too lazy to enter the quantity

6. When removing all your notes from the till, you've considered on more than one occasion making a dash for the exit! Especially on busy days!

7. If you're over 18 you hate having to turn around every 5 minutes to authorise alcohol sales when someone behind you is under 18 (or vice versa if you're under 18). You also hate asking for I.D since you're guaranteed to get someone who will moan and claim to be over 18 and demand to see the manager because they have no I.D and look under 25! (wish someone would ask me, I'd take it as a compliment but I never get asked for I.D these days)

8. You play around with anything you can find on your till whilst waiting for customer, including (but not limited to) the hand scanner, the belt-dividers, the lights above the till, till roll etc.

Yes, I know that is more than 5 but I got carried away LOL

Now it's your turn, simply make your list on your own site and pop over to Kate Takes 5 to link up and then take a look around at some of the other entries.


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