Thursday, 8 March 2012

Baby Talk - Learning new words but getting them slightly wrong!

I LOVE it when babies are learning a new word, but get it slightly wrong. Not enough that you can't understand what they're saying as that is frustrating for both of you, but just slightly wrong.

Take the baby this morning. After dressing her ready for the school run I was brushing her hair when she turned to me and said;

"Baby Bootibul" (she talks about herself in the 3rd person which is really cute!)

Just by changing the F to a B the word changed and became so cute! If she had been older I would've been concerned about her speech and trying to teach her the correct word, but I know not to make a fuss, especially as she is only 25mths old. Besides, a habit I learnt with DD1 who requires speech therapy is I always repeat what the say back to them. Not only does it show them the correct way of saying a word without making them feel small and a failure because they didn't do it right in the first place, it also shows that you understood what they said.

I still remember summer 2010 we took the kids to watch Toy Story 3 in the cinema and a few days later I caught DD1 jumping off my bed shouting

"To infrizabee and beyond!"

It was so cute that she had gotten it slightly wrong that I didn't even tell her off for jumping off my bed!!!


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