Thursday, 15 March 2012

Crime Scene Opinions

So on Tuesday, here in the very behind UK, Season 12 of Crime Scene Investigation launched with the Cheers star Ted Danson the new star of the show following the departure of Laurence Fishbourne.

So I asked on Facebook what people's opinions of his character D.B Russell was. Opinion seemed unsure at the moment as people gave him a chance with people saying how much they like Ted Danson. 

Personally from what I saw on the opening episode, he seems a little eccentric like Grissom so I hope they're not going to try and make him into another Grisson, although his people skills seem a bit better (like inviting everyone for breakfast as his treat at the end of the episode). His comment about losing Nicky has me worried as Nicky is my favourite character followed by Greg 

But then talk drifted off into other Crime Scene solving shows with all 3 CSI's being popular as well as Bones, NCIS and NCIS: LA. Personally I'm not too keen on CSI: Miami, I find Horatio a little too wooden for my tastes.

However I love CSI: NY, and of course between Mac, Danny, Flack and Sheldon, there's plenty of hotties to watch

Then of course there's the delicious David Boreanaz who has the honour of being the sexiest Vampire (who wants Edward when you can have Angel) and now the sexiest FBI agent!!!

As much as I like NCIS: LA I must admit I prefer the original with Gibbs

And recently I've started watching Castle thanks to a friend, which is like a modern day Murder She Wrote

So what are your opinions? Do you like the shows or can you not stand them? And of course which one is the sexiest?

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