Thursday, 29 March 2012

Huggle Buddies Review

Much to DD1's delight... we were offered the opportunity to review a Unicorn Huggle Buddy.

Now for those of you who haven't seen the adverts on the TV, Huggle Buddies are cute and extremely soft and cuddly stuffed toys, but just by undoing the Velcro under their tummy, they transform into a super soft and comfy pillow. They can even carry their pyjamas safely inside for a sleep over or as a little extra comfort whilst out in the car. 

Huggle Buddies are so soft and cuddly, that even I enjoyed cuddling it and didn't want to put it down and neither does she as it's now her favourite teddy, she takes it everywhere with her and uses it as a pillow every night.

There are several similar pillows on the market nowadays, but the Huggle Buddy is the original one and is available from Pitch. There are lots of different designs, giving you and your little one plenty of choice and helping ensure that if you have more than one child they won’t end up fighting over the same one! You can choose from a;

* Dragon
* Dinosaur
* Orange or Pink Butterfly
* Poodle
* Red or Pink Ladybird
* Zebra
* Elephant
* Horse 
* Moose
* Hippo
* Tiger
* Dolphin
* Dalmatian
* Penguin
* Duck
* Pig
* Turtle
* Frog
* Polar Bear
* Bumble Bee
* Puppy
* Lamb
* Rabbit
* Unicorn
* Monkey

Each Huggle Buddy has durable stitching and is machine washable, ensuring that your Huggle Buddy will last a long time and it doesn't matter how dirty your little one gets it carrying it around everywhere and sleeping with it, you can just throw it in the machine and it will come out looking as good as new. Especially useful as we all know, and have suffered with, a vomiting child during the night! 

There is a Velcro tab which is used to close the Huggle Buddy to become a teddy and what I really liked was the cover that goes over the Velcro whilst the Huggle Buddy is open and being used as a pillow, because everyone knows how annoying Velcro can be when it tries to stick to everything!!!

What makes these even more special is what DD1 said to me the other night as she went to bed. "I'm not scared of bad dreams anymore now mummy, I have Uni and I know she'll make them go away!" 

Huggle Buddies are available direct through and cost £19.99 but as an added bonus you can save 10% when you buy a second one or buy 3 and get a fourth for just £10. Especially useful for me as my other children, especially DD2, are now asking for one of their own and with so much choice available, you don't have to worry about them fighting over the same one!

Now DD2 just has to get Pupil of the Month because I’ve promised she can have one now because she feels left out that DD1 has such a cool teddy!

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