Friday, 2 March 2012

Petite Harumika Review

DD1 who is 6 (very almost 7 according to her) was offered the chance to try the Petite Harumika from Bandai

The Petite Harumika is a smaller version of the bigger Harumika fashion designers range, but what makes this one stand out is the fact that it's small and the finished design can be used as a bag charm to show off to everyone and everything can be reused time and time again.

Once you've chosen your design, or even the material you want to use, you can play around until you have it just right and with no gluing, sewing or cutting required you don't need to worry about wasting the fabric. 

The kit costs £8 making an ideal gift for a little girl's present and is aged from 6+. There is a choice of 3 designs; Party, Celebrity and Romantic for you to choose from and my daughter had Romantic. It can be a little fiddley but once I'd shown my daughter how to do it, she happily sat there and made the designs with no more help from me. 

Inside the kit there is the 7cm miniature dress form on a key chain with a stylus tool, 2 pieces of material, 3 different ribbons, 4 jeweled stickers and an instruction book full of different ideas.

What I loved about this is you don't need to buy additional bits to add to it. Any piece of material or paper will do and in fact you're encouraged to do so.

Everything can be reused, again and again, as there is no need for cutting, gluing or sewing, although you can cut the material smaller if you want to. 

The instuction book is easy to understand with lots of fun ideas to try out and once you've finished you can use it as a bag charm or on your pencil case to show it off to all your friends. 

All in all a fab little present at pocket money prices!!! 

Petite Harumika is available at all leading toy stores now or check out the full range at Bandai

Bandai and Harumika can also be found on Facebook or Twitter 

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