Thursday, 8 March 2012

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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

It's been a difficult few days in the Really Rachel household. On Monday hubby discovered his older sister had been taken to hospital and was in ICU and at the time there were so many rumours and contradictions flying around between his 7 siblings (there are 9 siblings in total) we weren't sure what was wrong with her, all we knew was her boyfriend had posted on Facebook (which is how we all found out she was ill) that he had been told to prepare for the worst. This comes on top of the fact that one of his nieces has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer!

Wednesday hubby and one of his brothers went to visit her in hospital and find out exactly what was wrong with her. Turns out she was suffering from kidney failure and a chest infection, but thankfully she is recovering now and has been moved from ITU to the HDU although she still has a long way to go and no one knows yet if her kidneys are going to start working on their own accord or not (to make things worse hubby's mother died of kidney failure).

So writing my Reason's To Be Cheerful for this week has to be our Health. 

I am grateful that apart from an occasional ear infection, my children are all fit and healthy will no medical conditions which affect their live.

I am grateful that my diabetes was caught early and that with treatment and a management of my diet (and of course the dreaded losing weight) I should be able to keep it under control. 

I am grateful that hubby is healthy, that my mum recovered from her quadruple heart by-pass 7yrs ago and has no lasting health concerns and apart from waiting for an operation on his hernia, my dad is fit and healthy and counting down the days until he retires this summer!!!

I'm also grateful and proud that DD1 won Pupil of the Month for Febuary. She has now won this award at least once in every class since she started Reception aged 4

I'm also proud of DD2 who came home with Ellie the Elephant for showing the best listening skills at school that day (she has to write a little report on what Ellie heard whilst she was visiting our house and DD2 wanted to write it straight away she was so excited!!!)

Now it's your turn! What are your Reasons 2 Be Cheerful this week? Join in the bloghop and share!!!


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