Thursday, 22 March 2012

R2BC - Today I became a mum!

Today I celebrate my son's 9th birthday which means I also celebrate becoming a mum for the very first time!

It doesn't seem possible 9 years have passed since I gave birth to him, and I look at him and wonder where my baby has gone. Before I know it he'll be too cool to be seen with his mum, be too big for hugs and kisses and climbing on my knee for a cuddle and be off at big school where puberty and teenage attitude and angst will begin (although we already have some of the attitude!)

I still remember finding out I was pregnant. Hubby, or DP as he was then, and I had been together a year, living together and engaged most of that time. When I saw the two lines appear on the pregnancy test I was thrilled, I'd always wanted to be a mum and I knew hubby would be pleased as well as he wanted to be a dad.  

The first person I told was my SIL as we were taking her son and my nephew to the beach that day to play and she knew by my face that something was different! I then went to a card shop and bought a Congratulations card and asked the shop assistant to write our address on the envelope. When hubby came home from work he found the card in the letter box and wondered aloud who it was from because he didn't recognise the handwriting whilst I tried to keep a straight face. When he opened it and read Congratulations Daddy... See you in 9 months he ran over and gave me a hug, he was thrilled and couldn't wait to be a dad!

At first my family weren't too pleased as they have traditional views that we should have been married before having a baby but they soon came around and began to look forward to the new baby as well.

We were given the due date of the 17th March 2003, and I remember hoping he would come early and have the really cool birthdate of 03/03/03 but nothing would work to get him out that day, he proved to be as stubborn as his dad! We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl and we looked forward to finding out when he finally made an appearance. The pregnancy sailed by and I didn't suffer any morning sickness or cravings and apart from being tired, I felt happy and healthy.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, my consultant decided to induce me as he was worried about how big he would be, so the day after my due date I was taken into hospital. Mum often tells me how she was in floods of tears when she left me, I was her baby having a baby, and she didn't want to leave me.

Unfortunatly he was still very stubborn and didn't want to come out at all. I spent 2 days having pitocin to try and get my labour started but he didn't want to move and then I was told the 3rd day would be my rest day and they wouldn't give me anything. On the 3rd day I felt very sad and neglected and felt like I would never have the baby!!! When hubby arrived with his SIL (the one who was the first to know about the baby) I remember complaining about backache and having had 3 kids already SIL went to tell the midwife's she thought I was in labour. One came over and examining me my waters broke and I was taken down to the labour ward with hubby whilst SIL and FIL went to phone my parents.

The labour seemed to last a long-time (although it wasn't as long as some I've heard about). I was given gas and air to begin with but I didn't like it so I was then given pethodine which make me violently sick (or projectile vomiting) so I was then given an epidural as well as some medication to speed up the labour. Finally it was time and I began pushing but I was struggling to get him out, the decision was then made to take me to theatre ready for a section but before they gave me the section they decided to try once more with forceps and out he came!

He was beautiful, blue eyes with a little bit of blonde hair and was born at 5am exactly on the 22nd March 2003 weighing 8lb 130z (and he was also my smallest). I couldn't believe he was mine and kept waiting for someone to come and take him off me saying that I was only borrowing him. I tried breastfeeding him and he nursed fine whilst we were in hospital but the first night home he screamed and refused to latch on at all, even the midwife couldn't get him to latch on the following day so from then on he was bottlefed and he was so greedy that he was soon on the hungry baby food!

Now my baby has turned 9. He still has his blue eyes although his hair has darkened to a light brown (even since daddy scalped him with the hair clippers). He loves his sisters, although has often said he wishes he had a brother, and he loves cuddles and watching Doctor Who, Ben 10, Horrid Henry, Total Wipeout, and playing on the computer or PS3. He was thrilled with his presents of Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 for the PS3, Horrid Henry and Junior Mysteries on the DS, a pair of Sketchers and a wooden helicopter from DD1.

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