Thursday, 15 March 2012

Toddler Tantrums

My nickname for the baby is "Bull in a China Shop!" Everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of destruction.

Tuesday she was the worst she'd ever been. Everywhere I went my little shadow followed. She wouldn't go to anyone else, not even nanny, just wanting me.

I wouldn't mind, but she would be following me trashing what I have just tidied up and giving me even more work to do.

At the weekend my dad was fixing our bath and she decided to help... only she ended up pulling the toilet roll holder off the wall and that was after she'd poured a tub of washing powder all over the floor!

I seem to spend my entire day just tidying up after her!!! I tell you she is the perfect advert for contraception... one day with her and you'll never want kids!!!

She reminds me a lot of DD1, both in her looks and in her attitude. DD1 hit the terrible two's at 13mths and if I hadn't already been pregnant with DD2 I would've have had a 3rd!!!

Then Tuesday night she showed her toddler tantruming BIG style when she tantrumed for half an hour and I mean she tantrumed!!! The laying on the floor kicking and screaming with angry tears flowing out of her eyes and nothing to calm her down except what she wanted... and what did she want?... to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 8.30pm at night when it's bedtime!

I swear this kid is obsessed with Mickey Mouse! Day in day out she wants to watch it on repeat. If it's not on the planner then she will tantrum, if someone else is watching something else she will take the remote of them and bring it to you and ask you for "Mouse on!"

My laptop is also on its last legs because of the amount of times she's dropped it on the floor, pictures have been knocked off the wall because she's playing with them, magazines and newspapers get ripped before you get chance to read them and she rips her books and her siblings books and she's even drawn on the walls and pulled wallpaper off. As quick as her siblings tidy their bedrooms my little tornado goes in and they're trashed again!!!

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