Friday, 16 March 2012

Toy Sailing Boat Kit by Review

Much to my 8yr old DS' excitement and delight Not on the High sent him a gorgeous wooden sailing boat kit to try. I also have a competition here to win your own boat

This beautiful craft kit comes with everything you need to build your very own wooden sailing boat that actually floats. Measuring 25cms long by 25cms high it's small enough to fit in a Childs palm and be easily carried, but large enough to be played with and it also comes with a lovely cardboard suitcase to keep it safe and everything you need to build it. 

Inside the suitcase you will find;
* Full, easy to understand, instructions
* Small and large cotton sails
* Wooden boat parts
* Pulling string
* Varnish
* Glue
* Paint
* Pallet
* Small paintbrush
And even a plastic sheet for working on!

 The instructions were easy to use and my son was able to build the boat himself, although I was on hand to help and to tie the knots. As I used to do a lot of sailing as a child and was a member of the local sailing cadets and also the main crew on my dad's yacht, I took the opportunity to teach my son the proper names of all the parts. I also made sure that the string on the main sail was long enough that (hopefully) when he took it out the wind would catch the sail like in a real yacht allowing his to sail across the water.

I was very impressed to see that the kit also contained a plastic sheet for working on as usually you never see anything like that. My son enjoyed painting the boat the colours he wanted to use and designing it the way he wanted it to look.

The paint dried quickly and so did the varnish meaning he was able to build the boat in one day.... so if we built it so quickly, then why the delay in the review???

Easy... we were waiting for it to RAIN!!! Every time we have some rain a wonderful puddle forms near our house which is great for playing and splashing in (see here) but typically, because we want it to rain it hasn't and no puddle has formed.

So in the end we gave in and tested it floating in the sink which it did really well and when DS gave it a blow it sailed across the water quite happily.

DS loves his sailing boat and can't wait to try it out on the puddle as soon as it forms again and it takes pride of place on his shelf as he waits. He also enjoyed building the boat himself and took pride in being able to do this himself. 

It's a wonderful gift and I would recommend this to everyone as it is a unique gift that can give hours of fun and pleasure, from the pride and enjoyment of building it yourself, to the fun of playing and sailing it in water. 

Not on the High Street is a wonderful site full of unique gifts but what makes even more unique is that it brings together over 2,000 British independent designers and manufacturers as their selling partners. In fact when you buy from notonthehighstreet your order comes directly from one of these businesses which mean you are supporting British creative talent and buying British products as well as buying a wonderful and unique gift.

The Toy Sailing Boat kit costs £20 and is created by Crafts4kids which was set up in 2005 by two working mothers who frustrated by the high street toys decided to set up their own line of toys and now have a thriving business offering high quality, design-led contemporary and traditionally influenced children's creative gift, hobby kits and activity toys.

You can find on Facebook and Twitter
You can find Crafts4kids on Facebook

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