Monday, 26 March 2012

The Weekend That Was


Well it's that time of the week again... when you have to say Hello Monday!!!

How was your weekend? 

Ours was ok. Friday night DS had 2 friends over for a sleepover, which got a bit boisterous and of course the girls were annoyed that they couldn't join the boys!!! Eventually we managed to get them all settled before we could sit and catch some of the 2012 Sports Relief.

Saturday, everyone was up really early. Hubby took the two older girls to an Easter Craft session that had been arranged, which sadly for them clashed with the 2nd round of Eisteddfod competitions (thankfully none of mine were entered into the Eisteddfod this year, although DS entered last year he only got as far as the first round. DD1 was a little upset that she wasn't asked to represent her class, she knows the song and recital they had to do off by heart so I'm going to ask in her parent's evening this week why she wasn't offered the chance as I think it would have been a big boost for her confidence, especially with her speech issues). I had to get ready for work whilst DS and one of his friends (the other had gone home) played on the PS3 and the baby just pottered around the house. Just after hubby arrived home, my dad called and invited DD2 for a sleepover at their house for the night as it was her turn and she hadn't been for ages and had been asking for it. DS and DD1 were also invited to DS friends house (the one who had slept over) to play in their paddling pool. I took DD2 on the train to nanny's house whilst on my way to work, leaving hubby home with the baby. Busy day at work with lots of tourists arriving (and moaning about bags, so here's a tip... if you are going on holiday in Wales please be aware that by law every single shop in Wales now has to charge 5p per bag!!!). Came home and watched BGT (Britain's Got Talent) which hubby had recorded. I really enjoyed Only Boys Aloud (especially as they sang my favourite Welsh song which brought back memories of singing it in assembly in secondary school). Calon Lan means A Pure Heart and if you're interested in the translation then click here

Sunday, we were going to go to church but no one wanted to get dressed! Finally after lunch we forced them as the weather was too nice to be in the house and hubby was pestering to go out in my car. He was a silly boy just over 5yrs ago when I was heavily pregnant with DD2 and although his ban ended in 2008 we hadn't gotten around to getting him his licence back. However his boss asked him to get it back because they want him to be their new delivery driver. We thought it would take a few weeks to sort out his licence but the DVLA have sent him a letter telling him he can drive whilst his licence and medical are being sorted out, which made his day! So I had him put on the insurance to drive my car and I took him out. I must admit I was very impressed at how quickly it all came back to him, especially as he's never driven this car before and being a people carrier it's a lot bigger than our old car that he used to drive. I took him somewhere quiet to begin with and then we drove to the garage a few miles away so I could wash all the bird poop off the car and then check the tyre pressure as I haven't used the car for a few weeks. Then we ended up going to the pub where we held our wedding reception almost 8yrs ago and the kids played in the garden whilst we both had a soft drink, I could have had something stronger since hubby was the designated driver, but I didn't feel like one, I'm not much of a drinker. Then we took the kids to the beach where they played on the sand and enjoyed an ice cream before taking them home for bath, tea, homework and bed.

All in all an enjoyable weekend!!!

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