Friday, 13 April 2012

#FF Follow a Newbie Friday

My blog has only been live for 3mths now, but I've learnt so much, but that's the thing about blogging is that you never stop learning or growing as a blogger.

But one of the biggest challenges to Newbie is building a following and getting people to notice your blog, which is why I was pleased to see that another newbie blogger From Slummy to Yummy Mummy has started this weekly link where you can give a big shout out to newbie bloggers and help them get started. 

But what is a Newbie and how do you know if you're a newbie? Being a newbie is a more a mindset, it all depends on how whether you consider yourself a newbie regardless of whether your blog has been live a week or years!

So why don't you join in, its easy to do and it would be great if you could
  1. Take the time to read some newer blogs and keep a week note of them. If you can try, write a wee comment for them or give their post a wee tweet/facebook shout out if you've particularly enjoyed it. 
  2. At the end of the week, pull your favourites together into a wee blog post for others to find them too. It doesn't matter if they've been highlighted before, and there's no set number - 1 or 101, it's up to you. Do try to add a hyperlink to their blog so that not only can people find them but they get a wee ratings/Google boost.
  3. Link back to From Slummy to Yummy Mummy's recent Follow a Newbie Friday post in your blog so that your readers can find their way back to a longer list of blogs to read over the weekend. 
  4. Use the weekly linky to add your blog to the blog hop then join in by reading the others that have been added.
So here's my very first list of blogs that I recommend. 

Mummy From The Heart - Although not a newbie blogger, her New Bloggers Fortnight offers lots of interesting tips and tricks to help a newbie blogger who is just starting out (or restarting). 

Being Mum - The author of Being Mum is my friend in real life and our 4 children are all in the same classes at school. Being an ex-teacher now a SAHM Being Mum has lots of interesting idea for crafts and for educational games. I loved her post on Maths at Home which was full of good ideas on introducing maths at a young age. 

Missing Sleep - Another friend IRL and the one first started blogging in our friend group and encouraged me and Being Mum to get started. She has a lot of fun competitions on her blog so worth a look. 

Don't forget that you can join in with Twitter as well using the hashtag #FF

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