Saturday, 7 April 2012

HELP!!! Someone Stole My Baby

Someone has stolen my baby, my little man with his cheeky little smile and mischievous glint in his eyes. 

They've left me with a replacement child in the form of 9yr old with an attitude, a smart mouth and full of back chat who seems to have developed a teenage attitude already!

But it's more than just his attitude that is changing, his tastes are. He wants electrical gadgets and is already asking for his own phone and a computer!

The big change came when we were in the car the other day
"Mum." (mum... not mummy <sob>) "Are you sure I still need a car seat? My head almost touches the top of the car and it looks like where your head is in the car"
"Well you either have to be a certain heigh or 12 years old and I'm not sure what height you have to be." I told him. "We'll look it up later." 

Yesterday when he was on the computer he asks me how tall he is.
"I don't know, why?" 
"Well if I'm taller than 4ft 5in or 135m I don't need a car seat any more, so how tall am I?"

I told him to go and get his dad's tape measure and we measured him and my big man is now 4ft 6in and no longer needs a car seat!

We went to pick his dad up from work and when his dad got in the car he shouted.
"Daddy look... I don't need a car seat anymore!"

He's growing up too fast and already making plans. He often talks about passing his driving test, getting a phone, getting his own computer, going to big school etc but I want to scream at him to stop growing up! I want my little boy back not this pre-teen I seem to have nowadays!

So if you find my little boy, please can you send him back because he is missed very much!!!


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