Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory Review

DS aged 9 LOVES Science and learning how things work so when we were offered the chance to review the Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory from WILD! Science by Interplay. 

"WILD! Science is a range of collectable science kits with Attitude! They are designed to have great play value while exploring scientific concepts and skills." - WILD! Science

"This fascinating award winning experimental science kit is aimed at boys aged 8 and over. This product is great for boys who love experimenting allowing them to explore the fun side of science. Boys will have fantastic fun learning about super elastic collisions and energy blasters allowing them to create high velocity bouncing balls!" - Press Release

 Aimed at boys aged 8 and over, the Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory is a fun way to learn about energy and forces and Issac Newton's Laws of Motion. It also works as part of the UK Science Curriculum;

Sc1 Scientific Enquiry
* Explaining how things work, linking cause and effect. 
* Test ideas using evidence from observation and measurement

Sc2 Investigative Skills
* Ask questions that can be investigated scientifically, make predictions.
* Use simple equipment and materials, take action to control risks. 
* Make comparisons and identify simple patters in observations.
* Use observations and measurements to draw conclusions.
* Decide whether these conclusions agree with predictions

Sc3 Grouping and Classifying Materials
* Compare materials and objects on the basis of their material properties, including hardness, strength, flexibility.

Sc4 Forces and Motion
* The weight of an object on Earth is the result of the gravitational attraction between its mass and that of the Earth. 
* Unbalanced forces change the speed and direction of movement of objects
* Ways in which energy can be transferred and stored. 

*** The above information comes from the leaflet inside the box ***

Inside the box was everything you needed to make your own balls yourself, rather than using pre-made balls which adds more information and an interesting task for DS to do and he really enjoyed choosing which colour to use and putting the polymer inside the moulds (be warned that this can get a little messy, I found having a bowl underneath meant the polymer could be caught instead of going on the floor where the baby might find it and also meaning we could scoop it back up and put it inside the mould). What I especially liked was that the mould were reusable and there was enough polymer to remake the balls if the first set didn't work out properly.

The instructions and graphics were easy to understand and it was easy to make the balls. DS especially liked the goggles which gave him a mad scientist look!!!

Once the balls were made there was some easy and interesting experiments to perform including some "Almost Impossible Challenges". Again I was glad we had extra polymer as for some reason our first set of balls didn't bounce very high at all but the second batch did much to his delight and amazement. 

Afterwards I was able to sit down with him and thanks to the explanation in the instructions book, explain why the balls had bounced so high.

What makes me laugh is he still says that Newton "invented" gravity and I have to explain to him that he actually discovered it because gravity has been around since the Earth was created. 

Looking at the WILD! Science website there are lots of other fun-filled Science kits for boys and girls (although there's nothing wrong with getting the boys kits for girls because I'm sure girls would be as equally interested as boys in some of the "boy" activities). I love how the products make science come alive and interesting and based on the Hyperlauncer Rocket Ball Factory, I would definitely buy more of their science kits to encourage my son (and daughters) with their love of science!

You can find out more about WILD! Science and their products at www.wildscience.net where you can also add your pictures to their gallery of their products in action as well as sharing your funny stories. ideas and challenges.

We were sent the Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory for free to review with an understanding that once we had tried the product we would review it and share what we thought of the product. The above review is written in my own words (apart from where stated) and is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product.

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