Thursday, 5 April 2012

One 7yr Old - Free to Good Home

Today is my daughters 7th birthday... but I could cheerfully have throttled her earlier!

She started off having a good day, with lots of lovely presents...

Then we met some friends and she had fun running around a park play area and lunch out

After coming home she called for a friend who she had invited for a birthday tea and sat painting at the kitchen table with her friend. 

5 minutes after I checked on them as I was in the other room with the other 3, her friend came in and told me she had poured paint all over the kitchen floor.

This is the mess I found when I went back into the kitchen...

Her little black footsteps then left the kitchen as she had run upstairs to hide, but not very well as all you had to do was follow her footprints!

She was covered from head to foot in paint, and so was my kitchen!!!

Poor hubby had to spend an hour scrubbing the kitchen clean, although I'd managed to get the majority of the paint up when he came home from work!


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