Thursday, 12 April 2012

#R2BC Our Easter Weekend

Well Thursday is here again and that means linking back up to Michelle at Mummy from the Heart and her weekly linky Reason's To Be Cheerful #R2BC and of course a big thanks to Fay at Glass Half Full for hosting last weeks linky. 

My reason to be cheerful this week are that there is only 4 more sleeps until the kids go back to school (If you've read any of my posts this week you'll see I've been struggling with mess!). I also got to see my niece and my nephew who turns 15 on Sunday (gulp where did that go!) I used to be very close with him and his sister but they moved down south to Norfolk almost 5 years ago!)

Of course the biggest reason to be cheerful was that Sunday was Easter and that meant we all got to spend time as a family.

Sunday morning Hubby got up early and took DS with him to a car boot sale to sell some stuff (and even better the car boot was too raise money for their school). Hubby did quite well, selling a few bits although some of our profits went on the kids as they kept asking for money to buy this and that! (I have no pictures of hubby selling at the car boot, I need to get into the habit of taking pictures of everything!!!)

Then I took DS, DD2 and the baby to church whilst DD1 stayed with daddy. The baby usually goes to Sunday School quite happily but today she was very clingy and wanted me to go with her. I don't know if it's because we tried her in nursery and she screamed for the whole hour and the nursery is where Sunday School is, or because nanny and granddad weren't there (she went up the aisles looking for them), so I ended up going through with her. In Sunday School they listened to the story of Easter and then made Easter Egg which they all enjoyed and the lady in charge of Sunday School even thought to make DD1 one there even though she wasn't there.

After church the 3 church kids went to Nanny and Granddad's whilst I went to help with the last of the car boot sale, and I'm pleased to say we did quite well and got rid of a few bits. Once that had finished we went up to Nanny and Granddad's and had an Easter Sunday Lunch and went looking in the garden for any Easter Eggs the Easter bunny might have left, which is a family tradition now and the kids look forward to hunting the Creme eggs in the garden and my dad loves playing the Easter bunny and finding places to hide them.

Later on DD1 complained of tummy ache after eating too much so we came home and the kids had another Easter Egg hunt, this time in their bedrooms looking for anymore Easter Eggs they might have missed. By now her tummy ache had miraculously disappeared!

Ignore the mess in DD1's bedroom.
She's back in with her sister whilst we wait for some
plastering to be done in her room and re-decorate it to get rid of her scribbles

The funniest part of the day was when DD1 and I walked home from the Car Boot Sale. We were trying to race daddy home who was in the car when he passed us. DD1 ran behind the car shouting "Daddy... daddy!" and the looks on the passer-bys was priceless!!!

So all in all a good Easter all around. I hope yours was just as good. 

This is my reason to be cheerful for this week. That we were able to spend the day as a family doing lots of fun things, especially as daddy has been working all Easter holidays and didn't even get the bank holidays off, and I work Saturdays so Sundays are the only days we get to spend together!

Why don't you join in with this linky and share the reasons why you're feeling cheerful this week. Even if everything seems to be going wrong and you think you can't possibly be feeling cheerful about anything, take a moment and look for the silver lining and you'll find something cheerful and feel better for it! To often in live we focus on the negative and this is your chance to find something positive! Then when you've posted why you're feeling cheerful, pop back and add your post to the linky below. Don't forget to check the other posts as well and see why everyone else is feeling cheerful and remember to comment as everyone loves a comment and to know people are reading their blog and it gives them an extra cheery feeling!


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