Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rhyme Robber by Orchard Toys Review

Because my two daughters suffer from speech problems, Orchard Toys sent us the game Rhyme Robber to try out and to see if it helped with their speech at all.

Rhyme Robber is a game where 2-4 players aged 5-9 have to fill their swag bags (cards) by matching words that rhyme, whilst avoiding the robbers (other players) who would steal their words. 

With DD1 (aged 7), I know her IEP (Independent Educational Plan) in school wants her to work on her rhyming and recognising and pronouncing words that rhyme and DD2 (aged 5) is just starting to learn about words that rhyme. 

During the game if the child has a card which rhymes with another players card or with the top card then they say "Hat rhymes with Bat" which gives them both the chance of practising saying rhyming words out loud, but I would also have them say each word aloud to help them realise which word rhymed with which word and whether any of the words did actually rhyme as this, like using tongue twisters, helps them with their speech and gets them practising saying certain sounds and words. What I also liked was the game board with a list of what word rhymes with what word, so if they weren't sure whether the word rhymed or not they could check with board. What my children also spotted, to make it even easier to match the rhyming words, each word that rhymed had the writing in the same colour. This also helped my younger daughter to recognise colours as well. 

I also had the girls practice piling the words into rhyming sets so they would get used to recognising rhyming words and how to spot them, as well as making it easier when they played the game with their older brother who at 9 has had more experience matching rhyming words, and as they were piling them up I made them say the words out loud to give them the practice they need with sounds and words and forming the words. 

All three of my children really enjoyed playing this game, although the 5yr old needed a bit more help but her older siblings were willing to help her as they played which was nice to watch. 

It's nice to find a game which is fun to play but is also educational. According to Orchard Toys this game helps;
* Encourage observational and language skills
* Develop sound recognition and rhyming skills
* Develop social communication through communication and turn taking
* Links with National Curriculum English Key Stage 1

The only negative thing I would say about this game is that the instructions are a little hard to understand, I had to sit down and study them carefully before showing the children how to play the game, but once I had shown them they quickly picked it up and were able to play on their own.

I would definitely recommend this game, and its nice to find a game which will help with their speech as well as helping them with the education. 

Rhyme Robbers is available from Orchard Toys online or from all good toy shops.

Orchard toys are also on Facebook and Twitter

We were sent Rhyme Robbers for free to review with an understanding that once we had tried the product we would review it and share what we thought of the product. The above review is written in my own words (apart from where stated) and is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product.

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