Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chocolate Pizza from Prezzy Box Review

We were lucky enough to be sent a 7in Crunchy Munchy Chocolate Pizza from Prezzy Box to review as a Father's Day gift.

When I first said on Facebook I was getting a chocolate pizza there was a few comments about how it sounded disgusting, but it was more because they thought it would be a real pizza with a chocolate topping. 

What I actually received was a pizza made completely out of chocolate sliced into 8 slices! The Chocolate pizza looks like a pizza and comes in a replica take-away pizza box but that is where the comparison ends, the chocolate pizza tastes pure chocolatey

The base is made out of solid Belgian milk chocolate shaped in the shape of either a 7in or 10in size pizza and cut into 8 slices. The topping is made of creamy vanilla fudge pieces, chunky pieces of chocolate brownie biscuit and finished with white chocolate curls.

The chocolate pizza tasted divine, a pure moment of chocolate heaven and loved by me, a chocoholic! Even the children all enjoyed it and were pestering for another slice! In fact poor daddy, who the pizza was for, was only able to have one slice as the children all ate the rest. Especially the baby who loved it!

The Chocolate Pizza is available in Crunchy Munchy, Make your own, Honeycomb and Marshmallow, Lovers Chocolate, Strawberry and Champagne, Heavenly Honeycomb and Ultimately Orange in sizes of 7in or 9in. Prices very from £12.95 to £16.95.

Overall I would definitely recommend this as an usual Father's Day gift, or for any other special occasion.

For an extra special birthday treat, for someone turning 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 or 60 you can buy a 10in Chocolate pizza with chocolate numbers of their age available for £18.95

You can find Prezzybox Online, Facebook and Twitter

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