Thursday, 10 May 2012

Kellogg's Mini Max Cereal Review

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it can be hard to get children to eat, especially if it's something that's good for them. The nutritional the breakfast the better they can perform at school, but it has to be something they enjoy and tastes good as well. 

"New Kellogg's Mini Max is a great way to set your family up for the morning ahead. Delicious, crunchy little parcels of baked wholegrain wheat provide just the right balance between a breakfast that's good for them and a taste they'll love"Taken from the Kellogg's Website 

Which is why Kellogg's have created Mini Max, it consists of crunchy little parcels of baked wholegrain wheat covered with a dusting of sugar.

Here you can see the UK television advert for Mini Max

We were sent some boxes of Mini Max for my children to try and see if they liked it. My older two children aged 9 and 7 didn't like Mini Max, but then for some strange reason they like some cereals but when they're made bitesize, they don't like them. The baby wasn't too keen on them either. My 5yr old however loves them and enjoys eating them for her breakfast. I also tried them and found them very tasty and satisfying and hubby enjoyed them as well.

Personally, I would prefer Mini Max if they didn't have the additional sugar on top, especially as I'm diabetic and I try to limit the amount of added or extra sugar on my families food, and tend not to buy cereals with the extra dusting of sugar on top. But I'm also aware that without the extra sugar, children might not like it, as children won't eat any cereal, no matter how healthy and good for them it is, if it doesn't taste very nice! 

We were sent several boxes of Mini Max cereal to try for free on the understanding that once we had tried the cereal we would review what we thought of it. I received no payment from Kellogg's and the above review is written in my own words (apart from where stated) and is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the cereal.

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