Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Mail Thinks I'm Male???

I have my email sent to my phone so I can check my mail on the go. Unfortunately my yahoo mail thinks I'm interested in seeing what's in my spam mail box (Surely the fact Yahoo puts it in my spam file means it's junk!)
I keep getting emails advertising viagra as well as emails asking me if I want to make my penis bigger? (why would I even WANT a penis?)
I get emails trying to get me into debt (gambling and payday loans) and I get emails promising to get me out of debt (reclaim PPI and consolodating loans)
And of course ones telling me I've won some money (but need to send them money to claim it) or from banks asking me to enter my banking details because my account has been hacked (from banks I don't bank with) and even ones from Amazon saying my order has been cancelled!

But the strangest ones are from women claiming to be looking for a man just like me? 

Emails like this one...
Good day.My name is Alena. I think my message for you is surprise. And i hope it is a nice surprise. I think you will have a question about "where did i find yours email address". I used a services of dating agency, They asked me what kind of men i like, and then they offer me to start a correspondence with you via e mail. This agency said me that your email address they found at dating site. The agency refers to Sura. I have paid money, that they would help me to find you. To me 32 years and I wish to find serious relations. Well if it will not turn out to find serious relations, I Simply I wish to find the friend. So we could learn each other. At me was bad honey agarics in a life with young The person and I any more do not wish to search for love in the country. Yes I have forgotten to tell that I live in Rus.I live in the small city of Ruzaevka. If you would like will get acquainted with me you can write To me back. I shall be glad to learn the new person. Please answer to me on my regular e_mail: 
Now I am not stupid enough to open these emails, although I know that some people are naive enough to do so thinking they are real. Normally I never even look in my spam box (especially on my yahoo account). I just wish yahoo would stop sending them to my phone before I accidentally download a virus just because they were uploaded to my phone

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