Tuesday, 22 May 2012

National Walk to School Week (21st-26th May)

Did you know that research has discovered that shockingly only 50% of Primary and 38% of Secondary school pupils walk to school, compared to a massive 92% of pensioners who said that they walked to school when they were children!

For some Secondary school children this does make sense because of the distance between home and school. I personally used to travel to my secondary school by train, however a few times during a train strike (which was thankfully in the summer) I had to walk 2 miles to catch the bus to school! This was because I lived outside the school catchment area and was the only student from my town in my year who went to the school, with only 3 of us in the whole school and my parents had to pay my travelling costs (a lot more travel to the school now). However primary schools on the whole tend to be closer to home, especially as there are more primary schools than there are secondary schools. 

We walk to school every day, even before daddy started using the car to go to work, whatever the weather. On lovely sunny days like today the walk can be very rewarding and the view beautiful, we even had dolphins swimming nearby this morning as we walked to school!

However, according to the research, we are in the minority of parents who walk their children to school!

This is why Schleich has decided to support the National Walk to School Week campaign by getting children to "earn their stripes" all week with the chance to win a lovely Schleich Zebra.

Zebra's make the perfect mascots for this campaign, not only from the safety aspect such as Zebra crossing to keep children safe on their walk to school, but because the animals are also keen walkers as well and their foals learn to walk just an hour after being born!

To help kids celebrate Walk to School Week, Schleich is offering children the chance for them to earn their walking stripes. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Send in a picture of your child/ren walking to school.
  2. Click here to download and print off a Schleich Zebra colouring sheet and send it back to them. 
All children will receive a certificate and the first 100 entrants will receive a Schleich Zebra figure. A selection of their favourite images will also be displayed on their Walk to School Week wall. 

To enter is simple. Email the photos of your children walking to school (along with your name, their name and age/s) to admin@ukmums.tv with the subject header "Walk to School Week Entry" before the 1st June 2012

Colouring entries should be sent to the following address before the 8th June 2012:
Schleich Walk to School Week
The Abbey Centre
Market Square
NN11 4XG

For more information visit UKMums.tv

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