Monday, 7 May 2012

#Outofthemouthsofbabes Kids Say the Funniest Things

So Yummy Mummy? Really? has laid down a challenge to share some of the funny things our children say. Every day at least one of my 4 will say something which will have me laughing. 

The baby - her favourite phrase is "Shut up" at the moment and the other day at tea time daddy was doing his usual moaning and she just turned to him and said "Shut up daddy!" She also called herself "Bootibul" the other day which was cute.

DD1 - I remember the other summer taking her to watch Toy Story 3 in the cinema and a few days later I found her jumping off my bed shouting 
"To infrizabee and beyond"

I also remember when I was pregnant with the baby and had the usual questions. DD1 would say to me "When I'm big like you mummy will I have big boobies and a baby in my tummy?" 

When they asked how the baby got into my tummy we told them that daddy had planted a seed in mummy's tummy and it grew it into a baby so DD1 turned to daddy and said "When I'm big like mummy, will you plant a baby in my tummy?" to which we both shouted "No! Your husband will!"

DS - He's the one that has me in stitches the most. The best was when he was talking about a neighbouring town, which we used to live in and is daddy's hometown and he asked "Why does the town end in LAU (pronounced lie) was it because of all the liars who lived there?"

Another one he came out with was after falling down the stairs... 
"I tripped over my penis!"

Then the day he said "Mum did you know the BI swear word also means a female dog? Does that mean you could call your dog that?" My reply was "You could, but I don't want to stand on the beach shouting "B***h... C'mere B***h" Do you?"

DD2 - I remember her singing a Mickey Mouse song and instead of singing "Shake shake shake you peanuts" she sang "Shake shake shake your penis"

Why not share the funny things your kids have said recently. It's nice to have them to look back and hopefully I'll remember to update this whenever they say anymore funny things so I have something to look back and remember when they're grown (and of course blackmail material LOL)

If this has inspired you to write your own, or even just made you curious and want to see more, then head over to Yummy Mummy? Really? and join in with the linky


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