Thursday, 17 May 2012

#R2BC - Reason's To Be Cheerful

Thursday is here once more, and this means joining up with the fabulous Mich over at Mummy From The Heart and her wonderful R2BC - Reason's to be Cheerful. Your chance to put aside any misery, unhappiness or sadness that you've been suffering from over the week and instead focus on the happiness and the positive things, the silver lining in the black clouds.

Here are mine for this week;

1. Usually Thursday means that it's only 2 more days until I'm back at work, but this week I'm not working Saturday. Instead we have a family day planned with a visit to Borth Animalarium (see my review here) and their family fun day that they're holding. 

2. Hubby has finally had confirmation that he can have his licence back! 5 1/2 years ago, when I was heavily pregnant with DD2, he was a very silly boy and lost his licence for being almost 3 times over the legal drink drive limit and he lost his licence for 2 1/2yrs. However because of the high cost of getting his licence back and having to pay for a medical, we hadn't been able to afford it until now but his employer wanted him to become a delivery driver. Last month he went for his medical and was given permission to drive whilst his medical and licence were being sorted and on Monday he got the news he'd been waiting for... he'd passed his medical and is licence is on its way! He also says he's enjoying being able to drive again and has missed not being able to do it so he has learnt his lesson and will not drink drive again!

3. Even though I had been planning to support another school this year in the Tesco School Uniform Competition as we won last year, the other school doesn't seem to be trying to support themselves and our school in in 2nd place so I'm supporting my children's school again. 

4. Today is my cousins birthday and she was born 2 days after my Christening when I was nearly 2mths old. For my Christening my great uncle gave me a lamb teddy and I still have this teddy, which is in excellent condition considering it is 35yrs old!!! My daughters think its wonderful that "Lamby" has just celebrated her birthday and are planning a tea party tomorrow with their teddies to celebrate her birthday. They also had an argument this morning about who would take her to school to show their teachers (no one took her because I don't like them taking toys to school! Especially one which is irreplaceable).

5. Although I hadn't lost any weight when I went to Slimming World, because I had a visit from Aunt Flo I was quite happy that I hadn't gained either. I also realised that I just have 1lb to go until I've lost 1/2st. Although 1/2st isn't that much when I have about 5-6st to lose to get down to my ideal weight, it's a start in the right direction and it is also a chance to help with my health issues that my weight is causing such as my type 2 Diabetes and my high blood pressure, especially as I want to be around to watch my children grow up! They need their mum, not just to be around, but to be healthy as well. 

So there is my reasons to be cheerful this week! What are yours? Why not write your own post about why you feel cheerful and then link up below. Don't forget to check out the other links below as well and share some love!

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