Thursday, 24 May 2012

Schleich Dinosaurs Review

Ever since movies have started being made or re-released in 3D, fans have been clammering for the movie Jurassic Park to be re-released in 3D and recently it was confirmed that it would be re-released in July 2013!

This means that dinosaurs are set to be popular again and thanks to Schleich's new dinosaur collection, children and dinosaur fans can now own their own dinosaurs, from the fiercest carnivorous dinosaur to the gentlest herbivore. 

Dinosaurs last roamed the Earth, almost 225 million years ago, but now they're back thanks to Schleich who have recreated the most iconic prehistoric predators and released them into the wild ready to delight dinosaur-fans. No matter their age or gender, they will LOVE these anatomically correct models, with their intricate details which ensure that these beasts remain ferocious whilst they are small enough for children's hands but sturdy enough to withstand all the roughness of a child's playtime.

Children and adults alike, can now create their own prehistoric worlds using Schleich's hand painted dinosaurs which includes the Allosaurus, the towering Giganotosaurus the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex and the star of the movie Jurassic Park, the Velociraptor! Each fearsome predator features a powerful moveable jaw, making them even more fierce and lifelike!

But if the fierce preditors aren't to your liking, then Schleich have also released some of the nicer herbivore's such as the Brachiosaurus or the Triceratops

My son aged 9 was sent 3 of these Schleich Dinosaurs and he fell in love with them immediately. When he's not playing with them, they are on pride of place on his mantelpiece, calmly sleeping until his lego figures have to escape from them in order to avoid being the dinosaur's dinner!

He really enjoyed these dinosaurs and having had no interest in dinosaurs before, he is now asking questions and we ended up lending Jurassic Park off a friend for him to watch. His favourite feature has to be the moving mouth as it now looks even more realistic, especially when he has a lego figure hanging out of it's mouth!

Schleich Dinosaurs are available to buy from Amazon

I was sent 3 dinosaurs from Schleich on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the dinosaurs. I received no payment and the review is written in my own words and is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the dinosaurs

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