Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Terrible Twosday Stubborness

Today is Tuesday and that means linking up with the lovely Charlotte at The Crumby Mummy as we share the naughty things our children do, whatever their age!

This week the baby has turned STUBBORN!!! You tell her no, or don't do something and she just grins at you and carries on doing it!!!

Her new tricks are climbing out of the buggy. As soon as you stop, for whatever reason, whether to kiss her siblings goodbye or to chat with your friends, she takes it as permission to escape from the buggy and run off with a big grin on her face!!!

Another one is she refuses to wear her coat. As soon as you put her coat on her, she grins and takes it off. You put it back on her, and before you know it she's taken it off again.

She's also started climbing into the bath. I was watching her earlier, she was having lots of fun throwing some building blocks in the bath, climbing in after them and throwing them back out of the bath, climbing out and throwing them back into the bath!

Today we also had a quick trip to casualty with her. We were at nanny's house and she was playing with the dog when the dog decides she's had enough and took herself to her bed. The baby decided to follow her and trying to get away from the baby the dog scratched her. Normally I wouldn't worry about a little superficial scratch, but as it was on her lower eye lid I decided to get it checked out at casualty just as a precaution in case the dog had scratched her eye. Thankfully she was ok, although I must admit that when she was crying and really upset I was glad I was still breastfeeding as I was able to calm her down quickly and easily by giving her some boobie. 

As for her older siblings! Her brother had me laughing the other day.
DS: "Mum, did you know that the B I swear word also means a female dog?"
Me: "Yes mate I did"
DS: "So does that mean you could call your dog it then?"
Me: "Well you could... But I wouldn't want to stand on the beach shouting "B***h... C'mere B***h! Would you?"
At which point he fell about laughing

So now it's your turn to share what funny and mischevious things your children and don't forget to head over to The Crumby Mummy and link up  


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