Monday, 7 May 2012

To Wean Or Not To Wean? That Is The Question!

Seriously I am at my wits end with the baby and seriously considering weaning her. She is 28mths old and seems to want to nurse all the time. Especially when I am on the computer. 

I hardly seem to get any sleep at night as she wakes up and comes into our bed where she wants to nurse the rest of the night, constantly swapping from one boob to the other and crying if she doesn't get the boob. She even kicks the covers off me so I'm cold!

During the day, if we're out and about, she doesn't ask for it. Although on occasion she will try and put her hand down my top, but since she'd rather walk than being carried she isn't too bad. 

But if we're at home she would spend most of the day nursing and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Of course she doesn't sit still and nurse, she climbs all over me in the strangest positions, trying to drag my nipple with her.

As soon as I put my laptop on to do anything, she HAS to nurse on the side the laptop is on. I can't write, she knocks it off the arm of the chair or my knee and I cannot get anything done.

In the evening she becomes hyper and won't settle to go to sleep until she finally falls asleep on the boob and is carried to bed.

She's also very clingy to me and won't let me out of her sight. When she went on the Sponsored Walk last Saturday with her dad and sisters, she saw I wasn't getting on the train she started crying holding her arms out to me (which then put me in tears as well!) and she won't go to anyone else so the only break I get from her is when I go to work!

DD2, aged 5, was the only other one I breastfed and I nursed her until she was 33mths, but I don't remember her being this bad! Although I was working more hours and pregnant with the baby!

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