Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Winner's Story!!!

So a few weeks ago I posted about how my children's school had entered a competition on Facebook to win a school uniform for every single child at the school courtesy of Clothing at Tesco and their Embroidery Service. We went on to WIN the competition by about 30 votes! (See School Uniform Competition... Did We Win?)

The reason I posted about a competition we had won almost a year earlier, was because we had a film crew arrive who wanted to make a documentry promoting the competition and of course the winning school and our rivals the runners up! (See Movie Star For The Day)

Tesco today have announced that they are hosting this competition again this year and it will start on Monday the 14th May (for more information on the competition click here) and after seeing this show up on my newsfeed I clicked on it and found the documentary that they had made starring myself and two of my friends and our lovely lollypop lady who used to walk me across the road when I was a child and is now walking my children across the road. 

So here it is... My 5 minutes of fame!


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