Friday, 15 June 2012

The Baby's 2yr Developmental Check-up

Yesterday I took the baby for her 2yr Developmental Check-up aged 2yrs 5mths with our local health visitor. Unfortunately the baby wasn't in a very cooperative mood and was distracted by the toys that were much more interesting than the adults blah-blahing to each other!!! Especially when she found a shape-sorter jigsaw as she loves those and spent ages doing it over and over again. It had a missing piece as well which she was determined to find and she did saying "I found it!"

Chatting to the health visitor I mentioned that I was worried about her hearing and her speech. A few months ago I remember saying to her sisters' speech therapist how I had no concerns about her speech as she was chatting away like her brother did at her age, unlike her sisters who both require speech therapy, but recently I noticed that her speech had stalled and maybe even gone backwards as she seems to be using more baby talk than actual words and reminds me of her sisters. I also noticed over the past few days that if you speak quietly she doesn't seem to hear you. She does have a cold at the moment so it could be temporary hearing loss because of the cold, but after not realising her sister DD2 had hearing loss which caused her speech problems, I don't want to miss any hearing problems the baby might have. (see A Different Child). I told the health visitor my concerns and she has agreed to refer the baby to the ENT to have her hearing checked, especially as she had 3 ear infections in a few short months last winter. 

The health visitor asked if the baby had 25 clear words, but although she does (or did) have more than 25 words they aren't very clear, I understand them but then I've had 7yrs of understanding unclear words and I don't know how clear her words would be to other people and I do sometimes find myself translating, but then the translating could be because I've gotten into the habit of repeating what the three girls say back to them to help their speech and to show I understood them. Because of that I couldn't answer the health visitors question. She also asked me if the baby attends nursery but she doesn't, I tried her once for an hour and she screamed the whole time I was gone so I would have to build her up gradually and I cannot afford that and it seems to be a waste of money putting her in nursery when I'm home to look after her, but she does start playschool in September so that should help. Unfortunately because she is with me almost all the time (apart from when I'm at my Welsh class or at work which is only 1 evening a week) she's not used to being apart from me and suffers separation anxiety when she is. She's also shy like her older sisters. 

The next challenge was weighing the baby, and this was a BIG challenge! She refused point black to stand on the scales! I tried putting her on it, and no matter what I did she would not stand on it. She would cling to me, put one or both feet on the floor, bend her knees, put the books on it! Eventually after 5 minutes we gave up. There was no way she was going to get weighed, I even told her she was too young to have a scales phobia!

watching the train go past on the way to her check-up

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