Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I tell my children off... Not you!

Earlier I took the children to our local church where they were hosting a Jubilee Themed Messy Church with lots of fun-filled craft sessions for free for the children of the community. 

When I originally planned to write this post it was to be a lot different then it will end up being. Originally I planned to post about all the fun the children had, playing with their friends, making crafts and even watching their teddies bungy jump!

Sadly it didn't turn out that way.

Towards the end, as we were getting ready to leave and I was rounding up the kids, DS and 2 friends came into the church carrying something he wanted me to see. One of the ladies of the church then stopped him and wanted to know where he had gotten the broken egg he was carrying and wanting to know who had broken to it. Seemingly the three boys had discovered a seagulls nest with an egg in it, and being inquisitive young boys of 9, DS had accidentally broken the egg. When the lady confronted the boys, one of them said it was my son who had broken it. 

The lady started telling my son off for breaking a seagull's egg and out of the 3 boys, he was the only one she told off. She started telling him that seagull's eggs are protected by law and he was a nasty boy for breaking it and that God wouldn't like him to break birds eggs. He then said he'd done it accidentally and her daughter came over and started saying how he couldn't have broken it accidentally he must have done it deliberately. 

By now I was getting angry. What right did they have to tell MY son off! Beside's seagull's eggs are not protected, if they were then why does the council spend a lot of money each year sending people to the nests to pain the eggs with a chemical to prevent the eggs from hatching? Why are there signs all around town telling people they will be fined if they feed the birds? In fact, my kids call seagull's Sky Rats because they are a pest, just like rats (the ones that aren't pets) and I've seen them before dive-bombing people and attacking them when they're trying to eat, even stealing food from their plates as they're sat there eating! As we were already getting ready to leave I told him we were going.

We went outside but DD1 ran back inside to get her crown she had made and whilst we were waiting I saw the daughter putting her children in her car and I'm sure she kept giving my son dirty looks! Eventually I had to send DS back inside the church to fetch his sister as she was taking a long time and a few minutes later they came out.

The lady also came out with them and I heard her telling him off AGAIN for what he had done! Finally I lost my cool and I told her to leave him alone, he had been told off once and didn't need to be told off again so would she stop going on about it. I also saw his face and knew he was crying as he ran off. When I caught him he just stood there sobbing, terrified he would go to prison for breaking a protected egg and that he hadn't meant to do it, it was an accident! I cuddled him and told him it was ok and another child came up telling me how the lady had gone back inside the church muttering that I was a rude and bad mother!
It took me awhile to calm him down and as we went into the shop to get something for tea he gave me a hug and said;
"Thank you mummy for defending me!"
I told him he was my boy and I always would and that no one other than me and daddy had any right to tell him off! He also wouldn't leave my side as he was scared the daughter might turn up and have another go at him.

Seriously how was that woman teaching my son about God and His love and forgiveness? All she had done is make him too scared to go back to that church and he never wants to go to another messy church again. Thankfully we attend another church in town, one that does teach my children about God's love the correct way. However, if it had been another child, one who didn't go to church and didn't know about God's love, she would have made that child scared of God and not believe He could love him!

Whether what my son did was right or wrong, she had NO right to tell him off once let alone twice! I know my son is no angel and he can be naughty, cheeky and misbehaves, but if he does something wrong you come and tell ME! I am his parent and I will deal with him! Not you!!!

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